Turnkey Blockchain Solution

Cangea Core™

Cangea Core™ is a customizable, multi-node, private blockchain. Providing high-volume throughput in a highly available cloud environment with a one-click setup. Cangea Core™ is the blockchain architecture supporting all of Cangea’s services.

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Key Features

Cangea Core™ is commercial off the shelf Blockchain-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) platform. With Cangea Core™, financial institutions, businesses, and government can deploy their own private blockchain environments and utilize smart contract technology.



A customizable, multi-node blockchain, providing horizontal scalability and high availability for failovers.


Private Blockchain

Control who participates in the network. Only nodes with permission can access the blockchain.


One-Click Set Up

Fast deployment with One-Click set up in a cloud environment, providing a more immediate usability. 


Turnkey Blockchain Solution

Cangea Core™ provides a no-code blockchain solution developed to meet enterprise level requirements.


Secure and Reliable

Highly secure blockchain architecture that provides high-volume throughput in a highly available cloud environment.


Highly Scalable

Powerful APIs and detailed developer documentation enable developers to customize Cangea Core™ to meet their unique needs.

Launch your private blockchain!

Cangea Core™ is a turnkey blockchain solution for financial institutions, business, and government to develop their own solutions and integrations.


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