PRIVATE Blockchain

Cangea Core

Cangea Core™ is a customizable, multi-node, private sidechain, powered by the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Providing high-volume throughput in a highly available cloud environment with quick deployment. Cangea Core™ is the blockchain architecture supporting all of Cangea’s services.

Key Features

Cangea Core™ is a blockchain-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) platform. With Cangea Core™, financial institutions, businesses, and government can deploy their own private blockchain environments and utilize Cangea technology.



A customizable, multi-node blockchain, providing horizontal scalability and high availability for failovers.


Private Blockchain

Control who participates in the network. Only nodes with permission can access the blockchain.


QUick Set Up

Fast deployment  in a cloud environment, providing a more immediate usability. 


Enterprise Solution

Cangea Core™ provides a solution developed to meet enterprise level requirements.


Secure and Reliable

Highly secure blockchain architecture that provides high-volume throughput in a highly available cloud environment.


Highly Scalable

Powerful APIs and detailed developer documentation enable developers to customize Cangea Core™ to meet their unique needs.

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