Introducing CNG

CNG is a highly secure, instantly transferable, and transparent DeFi blockchain token that is used as an instrument of value throughout the Cangea ecosystem. CNG is the primary token used for payments, fees, deploying Smart Contracts, accessing Cangea services and tokenizing applications in the Cangea ecosystem. 

Meet Cangea CNG

Tokenize and Monetize

CNG is an instrument of value used to tokenize and monetize the platforms, marketplaces, and dApps within the Cangea ecosystem.

Send Money Instantly

It is extremely fast, you can send CNG to anyone in the world within seconds.

Highly Secure

CNG is an ERC223 token, a secure cryptocurrency powered by the Ethereum blockchain.


Developers have the ability to develop and build Dapps (Decentralized Applications) utilizing CNG. 



Send CNG directly to your peers via any ERC20 compatible wallet; instantly, secure, and globally.

Accept Tokens

Fast Easy Payments

It is extremely fast, you can send  CNG to anyone in the world within seconds. Avoid high payment processing fees and delayed transaction times.

Join the Cangea Ecosystem

Start Accepting CNG Payments

If you are a merchant interested in joining the Cangea ecosystem and accepting CNG on your web site, mobile app or in your retail business, please register on the form below.