Secure Access Smart Contracts

Secure Access Smart Contracts

Utilize Cangea’s Secure Access Smart Contracts to keep track of which accounts are and are not allowed to perform an action. Verify consumer wallets, smart contracts, and restrict certain actions for specific users or user groups.

Secure Access Smart Contracts

Blockchain Powered Access Management

Verify Consumers

Verify digital wallets and restrict financial transactions from non-verified users. Manage incoming and outgoing payments to specific user types or user groups.

Membership Level Access

Manage group access to specific functions and features. Secure Access Contracts can reference each other, allowing group membership lists to overlap or specific group memberships to override others.


Secure Access Smart Contracts can be referenced by any other type of Smart Contract, acting as the building blocks for more complicated processes.

Admin Control

Administrators can add or remove user accounts from the specific Smart Access lists in real-time. 

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