Discover the Power of Smart Contracts

Create Smart Contracts and Deploy to the Blockchain With No Coding Required.

Cangea provides a user friendly software suite that enables anyone to quickly create custom, multi-layer and multi-party payment algorithms with unique rules, in the form of Smart Contracts, and deploy to the blockchain with just a few clicks.

Smart Contract Creator


Making DeFi Accessible to All

Cangea’s DeFi solution provides everything you need to build and integrate Smart Contracts into your business operations. Our smart contracts seamlessly facilitate multi-layer payment lifecycles in real-time, between; consumers, businesses, taxing authorities, franchisors, brokers, vendors, product suppliers and any other layer of payment beneficiary. 

Smart Contract Platform

Smart Contracts

Quickly create and deploy Smart Contracts to the blockchain without any coding.


Process Payments

Bypass the high fees of traditional payment processing by accepting cryptocurrency payments directly to your wallet.

Automate Payment Flows

Customize and automate payment flows, payouts, and account receivables using Smart Contracts


Digital Wallet

Send and receive digital currency from your smart phone, manage blockchain accounts, private key, transaction signing, and informational queries.

Create Smart Contracts

Automate Payment Flows and Multi-Party Payouts

Smart Payment Contracts

Cangea Smart Payment Contracts enable payments to be split, routing the funds to multiple receiving parties in real-time. The amount of funds transferred to each party is dictated by the customized terms of the Smart Contract. 


Currency Rules

Control what form of currencies your Smart Contract will accept for payment.


Payment Rules

Verify consumer wallets, smart contracts, and restrict certain actions for specific users or user groups.

Split Payments

Split payments amongst multiple beneficiaries in real-time.

Multi-Party Payment Settlement

Cangea’s instant, multi-party payment settlement capability enables direct value transfer between customers, businesses, employees, and governments, enabling deep business-to-business-to-consumer interconnectivity, increasing overall efficiency, and lowering costs for everyone.

Stacked Payment Contracts

Automate Multi-Layer Payment Algorithms

Cangea’s DeFi solution enables the execution of complex payment algorithms without any third party. Users are able to stack Smart Contracts in many layers that all interact with each other triggered by payment activity.


Execute Payment Lifecycles

Execute a payments entire lifecycle in real-time


Real-Time Settlement

Instant remittance of value to all layers of payment beneficiaries.

Multi Layer Payment Algorithm

Deployment and Integration

Public and Private Networks

Cangea is flexible, enabling users to operate on the public Ethereum Chain, Cangea Chain, or a custom secure and private blockchain network.

Ethereum Network

Backed by the power of the fully decentralized Main Ethereum Network.

Cangea Chain

A secure and private Ethereum sidechain.

Custom Private Chain

Create your own private blockchain, customized to meet your specific needs.

Powerful API’s

Powerful APIs and detailed developer documentation provide high scalability and enable developers to customize Cangea™ to meet their unique needs.

Turnkey Blockchain Solution

Cangea provides a no-code blockchain solution developed to meet enterprise level requirements.

Developer Friendly

Detailed developer docs and powerful API’s enable Cangea to easily integrate into your project.

Secure and Reliable

Highly secure blockchain architecture that provides high-volume throughput in a highly available cloud environment.


"Cangea is improving the way money is disbursed and collected using smart contracts and blockchain technology."

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Use Cases

Organizations partnering with us, both large and small are discovering the full potential of Cangea.

Learn more on how Cangea is impacting the different industries with real-time payment lifecycle execution. 

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