Cangea enables you to send money in many different scenarios, from simple to complex. 

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Introducing Smart & Stacked Payment Contracts

Cangea™ enables anyone to quickly create and deploy sophisticated Smart Payment Contracts (SPC) to the blockchain without any previous coding experience. Cangea supports cryptocurrency payments and allows for the remittance of funds between multiple parties, wallets, and other smart contracts based upon terms defined in a Smart Payment Contract (SPC.)

Smart Payment Contracts

Handles transactions between a sender and multiple receivers. Cangea allows up to 50 receivers per smart contract.

Stacked Payment Contract

Cangea enables the user to create Stacked Payment Contracts (STACK), complex layers of payment contracts that interact which other, each dictating a specific set of payment instructions. When creating a STACK, the user can specify one of the Receivers to be another Smart Contract. This creates a STACK. When a payment is made to the first contract, it is split amongst the defined Receivers as specified, however if one of the Receivers is another Payment Contract, then the funds sent to this Payment Contract are split again amongst the Receivers defined in the second contract. Essentially enabling the user to create sophisticated payment contracts with multiple stacked layers that all interact with each other triggered by a payment.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Create sophisticated smart contracts with no coding & deploy to the blockchain.


Create Smart Contract

Define terms of the payment contract; Payment types, Payee terms and receiver details.


Deploy to Blockchain

Deploy smart payment contract to the blockchain.


Process Payments

Process and disburse payments in real-time according to the terms of the smart contract.