Real-time Revenue Collection for Government.

Cangea™ automates the revenue collection process for government and taxing authorities. Our platform makes it easy for Government to increase revenue through real-time sales tax collection, real-time utility franchise fee collection, and automated payment settlement.

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Government Payment Solutions

Sales Tax Allocation

Facilitate the real-time collection and allocation of taxes at multiple levels, including municipal, county, state, and federal.

Public Agency Franchise Fees

Increase revenue and avoid costly audits by automating the collection of Public Agency Franchise and Utility Fees

Regulated Industries

Cangea brings more transparency and automated compliance to financial transactions in regulated industries. 


The Future of Revenue Collection

In a traditional sales tax payment lifecycle, it can take 30, 60, 90 days, sometimes a full year before sales tax revenue is remitted and has actually been disbursed downline to the final State entity. This slow moving process results in a lot of locked up cash that could be otherwise utilized. Cangea is speeding up this process to fully execute in real-time. 

Real-time government payments


Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Utilizing Cangea, the government and taxing authorities are able to ensure compliance and automate the collection of sales tax and other government fees.


Real-Time Sales Tax and Revenue Collection


Ensure Compliance


Real-Time Audit Dashboard


Consumer Verification

Government Solutions

City, State, and National SOlutions

Cangea offers solutions for each level of Government. Whether you are a Local, State or National government, our technology can assist in increasing revenue and efficiency.

Custom Solutions

We understand that each entity has different needs. Cangea™ will work with you to integrate a Government Payment Solution to meet your unique requirements.

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