Cannabis Software for Government

Utilizing Blockchain and Smart Contracts to Regulate the Cannabis Industry

CanPass™ is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) Service as a Software (SaaS) blockchain application that provides a tool for government and licensing authorities to monitor, track, and audit cannabis businesses in real-time.

Monitor and Audit the Cannabis Industry in Real-Time

CanPass empowers the Governing authority real-time oversight on the Cannabis business licenses in their jurisdiction including monitoring consumer activity, sales transactions, and collecting proper sales tax revenue at the time of sale.


Collect Tax in Real-Time

Providing an audit and discovery procedure for cannabis retail properties to ensure tax compliance. A solution for the Government to preserve and enhance Cannabis business tax generated by businesses in their City, collecting it in real-time.


Cannabis Tax Reports

Access to cannabis business tax reports that are updated in real-time, including business name, address, transaction data, current and historical cannabis business tax payments.


Transparent Ecosystem

A transparent ecosystem for Government, business, and other Cannabis organizations to share data and ensure a compliant industry.


Online Database

Access data on each dispensary, grower, manufacturer, and transporter of Cannabis in real-time.


Process Payments

No bank, no problem! The Cannabis industry is essentially un-bankable due to federal law which has created a cash economy and the several problems that come with it. CanPass enables Governments to save time and money by collecting sales tax in real-time through the blockchain. Avoid the security needed and additional expense of accepting cash only tax payments. Process payments in multiple cryptocurrencies including, Cangea CNG, Ethereum, and USDC , the US dollar backed stable coin.

Regulatory Features

Utilizing CanPass, the government is able to oversee all financial transactions that occur within their Cannabis industry, including B2B and consumer purchases


Ensure Compliance


Consumer Verification


Full Reporting


Real-Time Audits


Sales Tax Collection


Payment Processing

A Solution for Government

CanPass is a solution for Government to manage and oversee this new and booming industry.  CanPass empowers business and government to work together in a more transparent way, benefiting all stakeholders within the Cannabis industry. 

City, State, National Solutions

Cangea offers solutions for each level of Government. Whether you are a Local, State or National government, our technology can assist in regulating your Cannabis industry. 

Custom Solutions

We understand that each State has different needs. CanPass™ can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry and customized to meet your unique compliance requirements.

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