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The Un-Bankable Cannabis Industry

Since its inception, the cannabis industry has suffered from a social stigma, limiting its operations and expanse to less-than-reputable marketplaces. However, as recent medical research has brought to light the many benefits of cannabis, that perception has dwindled,...

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Banking Issues in the Cannabis Space

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, the demand for payment processing and banking solutions grows with it. Although this sounds especially lucrative for banks, financial institutions have remained reluctant to work with cannabis businesses for fear of...

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Banks in Uruguay Refuse to Service Cannabis Industry

Although cannabis is legal in many states, it is still classified as a Schedule I substance by the federal government. This classification, along with questions regarding the future and viability of the market, has made banking, as well as payment processing,...

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10 Books That Every Cannabis Entrepreneur Needs to Read

There’s a wealth of new books being published these days targeted towards cannabis entrepreneurs. The problem is figuring out which ones are fluff, and which ones are truly helpful for a “budding” cannabis entrepreneur. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!...

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Introducing CanPass™, a game changer for the industry

What is CanPass? CanPass™ enables anyone to quickly create and deploy sophisticated Smart Payment Contracts (SPC) to the blockchain without any previous coding experience. CanPass supports cryptocurrency payments and allows for the remittance of funds between multiple...

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Why the name Cangea?

Why the name “Cangea?” We put a spin on the name “Pangea” which is derived from Ancient Greek Language and means “Entire Earth” or “All Land.” Pangea was the name given to the Super Continent when all of the continents once formed one continuous land mass. We chose...

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