Unlock New Markets and New Opportunities

Enter new markets, expand across borders, offer new financial services and generate new revenue.  Cangea makes it easy for financial institutions, payment processors, and banks to integrate blockchain  into their services.

Enhance Your Payment Processing Offering

Payments have changed a lot over the past decade, and the next decade will make that pace seem minuscule. For many payment processors, banks, and financial organizations, this rapidly accelerating change is a major threat. Their aging technology stacks and legacy IT systems are causing them to lose market share. Cangea makes it easy to take advantage of technology to enhance your offering and stay relevent in today’s fast moving World.


Stable Coin Transactions

Streamline domestic and international payments by transacting in Stable Coins.


Tokenized Payments Rails

Join the future of payments and integrate digital currency, tokens, and cryptocurrency into your payment rails.


Custody and Escrow

Increase deposits and Assets Under Management by expanding your escrow and custody services.

Real-time payment settlement

Disburse payments amongst multiple parties in different locations anywhere on the Globe in real-time.

Smart Contract Services

Expand your financial services by offering Smart Contract templates and customized payment flows for your customers.
Blockchain Banking

Explore the Future of Payments

The Cangea Pilot Program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry and customized to meet your unique requirements. Our Pilot Program is ideal for banks, credit unions, payment processors, ISOs, lenders, and other financial institutions interested in exploring the benefits of blockchain payments .  

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