Automation and Transparency

Smart Payment Solutions
Digital payment, Smart Contract, and other blockchain solutions for financial institutions, government entities, and businesses.
(d)applicationIntroducing CNG

Automation and Transparency

Smart Payment Solutions
Leveraging the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, Cangea™ enables anyone to quickly create and deploy sophisticated Smart Payment Contracts (SPC) to the blockchain.
(d)applicationIntroducing CNG

Discover the Power of Smart Payment Contracts

Smart Payment Contracts

Quickly create and deploy sophisticated Smart Payment Contracts (SPC) to the blockchain.

Automate Payment Flows

Customize and automate payment flow, payouts, and account receivables using Smart Contracts.

Process Payments

Bypass the high fees of traditional payment processing by accepting cryptocurrency payments directly to your wallet.

Multi-Party Remittance

Disburse payments amongst multiple parties in different locations anywhere on the Globe in real-time. 

Introducing Cangea CNG

CangeaCNG (CNG) is a highly secure, instantly transferable, and transparent blockchain token developed based on ERC223 standards. CNG can be sent and received peer-to-peer, with no specific terms, or CNG can be sent via a Smart Contract, dictating specific terms for that transaction. CNG is a consumptive use utility token used to tokenize and monetize the platforms, marketplaces, and dApps within the Cangea ecosystem, backed by the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

Why the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a highly effective trust mechanism which uses a cryptographically-secure shared ledger to irrefutably track complex transactions amongst many known parties. The simple transparent design of a Blockchain system is what has caused it to become one of the largest technical disruptors in history. Organizations and Governments across the Globe are starting to understand the power and benefits of Blockchain technology.


Cangea provides a decentralized peer-to-peer ecosystem, enabling users to send and receive funds globally without any central authority holding or processing the funds.


Avoid high payment processing fees and delayed transaction times by transacting in Cangea CNG and other cryptocurrencies.

Highly Secure

Cangea is powered by smart contracts and the security of the Ethereum blockchain, providing a safe and secure financial ecosystem.

Create your first Smart Payment Contract and start automating your payment flows today!