Autonomous Payment Platform

Cangea seamlessly automates multi-operational financial transactions, and multi-party / multi-layer payments in real-time. Transactions that would otherwise require a series of manual processes and take a long time for the payment to fully reconcile.


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Multi Layer Payment Flow

Move Money in Real-time, On-time, Every-time

Cangea, a web3 payment platform powered by smart contracts, provides a series of multi-operational payment settlement protocols, empowering businesses to automate financial processes; improving cash flows, reducing settlement risk and eliminating counter-party exposure in all financial transactions. 

Smart Contract Platform

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We Make it Easy For Anyone to Create and Deploy Autonomous Payment Networks

Cangea’s solution includes a user-friendly web application, that enables anyone to quickly create payment networks, and deploy to the blockchain with no coding required.

Smart Contract Platform
DeFi Platform

Decentralized Finance

No Payment Scenario is too Complex

Using the Cangea web application, Payment Networks can be easily be configured with unique rules to control and automate entire payment flows and settlements in real-time.

Why do We Need Cangea?

Unlocking a New Level of Crypto Adoption in the Business World

Cangea is distinct because it expands the use of blockchain from simple peer-to-peer value transfer to more complex financial transactions. Cangea solutions can be applied to numerous B2B use cases, improving cash flow, providing transparency, increasing overall efficiency, and reducing costs for everyone!

  • Speed and Automation
  • Transparency and Security
  • Efficiency and Scalability

World Class Partners

Cangea is supported by and partners with some of the most technologically advanced companies across the Globe. Individually, each partner is impressive, but collectively we are paving the way for the future of payments.

Object Computing Inc
Object Computing Inc
LA Token Exchange
Object Computing Inc

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